Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The schedule for the remaining lectures

- Sept 30, 15-17, V23. Storytelling in computer games. Daniel Ström, Gurugames, and Lucy Armelin, former media student at KTH, now working with computer games.

- Oct 1, 15-17. Lecture cancelled.

- Oct 2, 13-15, V1 (upgraded lecture hall). Seminar – the groups are decided and good ideas are generated. Malin Picha Edwardsson and Daniel Pargman.

- Oct 5-9, JMK, Karlavägen 104, Stockholm. Workshop with Robb Montgomery. A more detailed schedule has been published on this blog.

- Oct 8, JMK. Hackathon.

- Oct 13, 8-10, Q33. How to work in project groups. Anna Swartling, Scania.

- Oct 14, 8-10, D3 (upgraded lecture hall). Storytelling in Social media. Frida Boysen, former editor-in-chief, now expert in the use of Social media.

Oct 14, 15-17, JMK. The art of creativity and how to generate good ideas. Milad Hossainzadeh, White Architects. Cancelled

- Oct 15, 15-17, JMK. Storytelling – the case of Basha Posh. Jenny Nordberg, journalist and author.

- Nov 6, 8-16, V3. Mid-crit.

- Dec 16, 12-20, F1. Rehearsal for final presentations.

- Dec 17, 13-17, F1. Final presentations.

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