Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Lecture 11 Thu Sept 24 (15-17) Pargman

Time & Place: Thursday September 24 at 15-17 in E31.

GuestDaniel Pargman, KTH

Title: The theory and method of Design Fiction – what this course is really about 

Talk: We are doing "Design Fiction" in this course. Design fiction is the use of narrative elements and scenarios to envision, explain and raise questions about possible futures. I will discuss the term and the practice of envisioning the future through narrative scenarios (i.e. envisioning the future through convincing and compelling stories).


1) Daniel Pargman (2014). "The Future of News and ICT for Sustainability 2029". This paper was submitted to the workshop "Alternate Endings: Using Fiction to Explore Design Futures" that was held at the CHI 2014 conference.

2) A great example of near-future design fiction explorations are the British television series "Black Mirror". Please watch the episode "The Entire History of You" (48 minutes). All seven Black Mirror episodes are available on YouTube. Do watch other episodes if you have the time. My personal favourite is "Fifteen Million Merits"

3) Optional: read Daniel's longwinded-but-hopefully informative and entertaining blog post about a one-day Design Fiction workshop at CHI 2014 (see above). 

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