Thursday, September 24, 2015

About week 41 - the workshop week with Robb Montgomery

The week running from October 5 to 9 is a bit different from the previous lecture weeks we have had this far in this course. Robb Montgomery from Smart Film School, USA, will lead the workshop involving both KTH students and Stockholm University journalism students. The aim is to explore new ways to publish content on mobile devices (preferably iphones will be used during this week).

At the workshop, there will be around 12 project groups and these project groups will have been formed at the October 2 seminar. During the workshop week, there will be slots for a maximum of seven groups in the mornings and for seven slots in the afternoons. Each group can, for each day of that week, choose between the morning and the afternoon session as long as there are open slots. This active choice will take place at the seminar on Oct 2 right after the groups have been formed and in preparation for the workshop week that starts on Monday October 5. Your group can thus - depending on group participants' scheduled activities in other courses during this week - choose a morning slot one day and an afternoon slot another day but it will not be possible to split the group.

The morning sessions are held between 9-12.
The afternoon sessions are held between 13-16.
DO NOTE: Stockholm University does NOT use the academic quarter and this means that all activities start 9.00 and 13.00 sharp (not 9.15 and 13.15)!

A morning slot consists of three hours, which counts as 1,5 lectures in the overall course demand for at least 75% attendance. An afternoon slot is equally long. Consequently, you will have "7,5 lectures" in total during this week.

Here is a rough schedule of the week, where morning and afternoon slots have the same content:

Monday: Visual narratives and cinema language.
Tuesday: Story cards and kinograms.
Wednesday: Writing to pictures and interactive stories.
Thursday: Design thinking workshop to guide each team to create a paper prototype. Thursday evening: Hackathon (from 17-24).
Friday: Presentations, feedback and discussions of teams' prototypes.

Here is a list of apps that will be used during the week:

Filmic Pro
Hyperlapse from Instagram
Layered photo app
Clips Video Editor by Fly Labs Inc.
PicPlayPost by Flambe Studios LLC
Nutshell Camera
Legend - Text app by Stupeflix
Storyline by Arcivr
Storehouse - Visual Storytelling by Storehouse
Thinglink app
Jamsnap app

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