Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Seminar instructions (Wed Sept 23)

Our next seminar will be held Wednesday morning (8-10 in L41 and L42) Here are the instructions for how to prepare for that seminar:

1) Read through the 23 short future-related topics in the preceding blog post. We have harvested these topics from your essays, from our guest lectures and from literature.

2) "VOTE" HERE for your three favorite topics/technologies. These are the topics you could imagine yourself exploring during the project phase, or, that you at least would like another group to work with during the project phase. Your vote is a vote on interesting topics - not a pledge of yours as to what you want/will work on during the project phase. NOTE: perhaps we were better at formulating certain topics than others - but your task is to see through and beyond the short descriptions and imagine what these topics could be developed into!

3). You are hopefully inspired by several of the topics, but you might realise that we have missed an excellent topic that really should have been on this list. Invent a title and write a short text about that topic (1-3 sentences) and suggest that topic as a comment to this blog post.

4) NOTE: We all meet in the biggest of the two seminar room for initial information before we divide into smaller groups. Please be on time! Late arrivals will have fewer options!


  1. Audio Technology Storytelling
    With current and upcoming audio technology, we might be able to find new ways of telling the story, and hearing stories been told. Perhaps, hearing and sight could be combined? People will continue to travel and commute, spend long hours in the car, working out, cleaning the hourse - all situations where hearing a story could be very much appreciated. Let us use this fact, let us use audio technology for the future of storytelling. /eingvar

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  3. Storytelling & Marketing
    How can brands benefit from storytelling? Maybe this can be explored through their store design or the adverts they put out on TV. Example: Volvo and 'Made by Sweden' adverts.

  4. Sneaky stories

    How can clever storytelling and today's digital tools be used to intrigue or affect consumers towards a cause without them knowing they've been affected?

  5. Storytelling on our existing smaller screen phones :

    Is it possible to find out new ways to use our phones compared to the, in some ways, more convenient Kindle and Ipad. Are there any new ways to use the phone to make the storytelling more appealing?

  6. cross-cultural storytelling

    in an ever-globalizing world, how is one to overcome the obstacles of consumers' different cultures when delivering great stories through various platforms?