Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Lectures and seminars

Here is a preliminary list of the lectures and seminars in the Future of Storytelling 2015. Changes might occur!

Aug 31, 10-12 in Q33. Introductory lecture: Malin Picha Edwardsson, Daniel Pargman and Matilda E. Hanson.

Sept 1, 8-10 in L52. What is storytelling – A historical/theoretical perspective: Leif Dahlberg, Professor in Media technology at the department of Media technology and interaction design, KTH.

Sept 2, 15-17 in V34. Storytelling in media – A practical perspective with an international outlook: Matilda E. Hanson, teacher at the department of media studies, Stockholm University.

Sept 3, 15-17 in L52. Storytelling in media – This is how we work at Svenska Dagbladet: Anna Careborg, head of storytelling at Svenska Dagbladet.

Sept 4, 18.00. Deadline for essay: My relationship to Storytelling. Submit via Bilda.

Sept 8, 9-11. Study visit to Svenska Dagbladet, located at Västra Järnvägsgatan 21, Stockholm, close to the Central station. Meet up at the reception desk. Please be there in good time before 9 A.M!

Sept 9, 15-17. Lecture cancelled.

Sept 10, 15-17, Q2 (upgraded lecture hall). Data journalism – how it works at the Guardian. Helena Bengtsson, editor for the data projects team at the Guardian, UK.

Sept 11, 13-15, E32 and E36. Literature seminar with Malin Picha Edwardsson and Daniel Pargman. Literature (PDF) and study questions available at Bilda. Please write down your answers to the study questions and hand them in after the seminar.

Sept 15, 8-10, E51. Creativity on demand – getting good ideas when you need them. Lecture/workshop with Matilda E. Hanson.

Sept 16, 8-10, B3 (upgraded lecture hall). Storytelling in social media – how it works at Bonnier’s KIT. Fredrik Strömberg, co-founder KIT.

Sept 17, 15-17, D41. Historical storytelling – how to make history come alive. Mats Hayen, from the Stockholm city historical archive.

Sept 18, 13-15, E36. True or false storytelling. Rumours and source criticism in social media, and why we love a good story. Jack Werner, Dagens Industri.

Sept 22, 8-10, L1 (upgraded lecture hall). Storytelling and entrepreneurship – the case of Storytel. Jonas Tellander, CEO at audiobook company Storytel.

Sept 23, 8-10, L41, L42. Seminar and technical workshop around some good story ideas. Anna Careborg, Malin Picha Edwardsson, Matilda E. Hanson and Daniel Pargman.

Sept 24, 15-17, E31. The theory and method of Design Fiction – what this course is really about! Daniel Pargman.

Sept 25, 13-15, E31. Storytelling in documentary film making. Dr. Malin Wahlberg, associate professor in Cinema Studies at the Department of Media Studies at Stockholm University.

Sept 28, 10-12, V22. Corporate storytelling/advertising as storytelling – the case Volvo Trucks - The Epic Split feat. Van Damme. Björn Engström, copywriter at Forsman & Bodenfors.

Sept 30, 15-17, V23. Storytelling in computer games. Daniel Ström, Gurugames, and Lucy Armelin, former media student at KTH, now working with computer games.

Oct 1, 15-17. Lecture cancelled.

Oct 2, 13-15, E34 and V11. Seminar – the groups are decided and good ideas are generated. Malin Picha Edwardsson and Daniel Pargman.

Oct 5-9, JMK, Karlavägen 104, Stockholm. Workshop with Robb Montgomery.

Oct 8, JMK. Hackathon.

Oct 13, 8-10, Q33. How to work in project groups. Anna Swartling, Scania.

Oct 14, 8-10, D3 (upgraded lecture hall). Storytelling in Social media. Frida Boysen, former editor-in-chief, now expert in the use of Social media.

Oct 14, 15-17, JMK. The art of creativity and how to generate good ideas. Milad Hossainzadeh, White Architects.

Oct 15, 15-17, JMK. Storytelling – the case of Basha Posh. Jenny Nordberg, journalist and author.

Nov 6, 8-16, V3. MIDCRIT.

Dec 16, 12-20, F1. Rehearsal for final presentations.

Dec 17, 13-17, F1. Final presentations.

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