Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Seminar topics

Please see the subsequent blog post with the instructions for the upcoming Sept 23 seminar.

Do note that all topics below are both brief and relatively abstract. It's possible to use the formulation below as a starting point from which to delve deeper and explore a smaller sub-problem.

1.    Data journalism (database) storytelling
How can data journalism (database journalism) be used in the future to create good stories?

2.    Archives and storytelling
Historical archives can be a fantastic source for information. But how can they be used (or “leveraged”) to create good stories in a high-tech future?

3.    Big data storytelling
Big amounts of data are nowadays constantly collected from things we do in our lives. (How) can big data be used to tell good stories?

4.    Sensors and storytelling
How can sensors (and the data they measure/generate) be used in the creation of stories, or for capturing the audience’ attention?

5.    Geopositioning and storytelling
Geopositioning (positioning data) is a growing field. How can storytelling take advantage of this technology?

6.    Personalized storytelling
How can storytelling become more personalized? What technologies can help create personalized stories?

7.    Interactive storytelling
How can storytelling become more interactive? What technologies can help create more interactive stories?

8.    Overcoming shorter attention spans
The audience’ attention span is getting shorter. How can we resist or overcome this trend? What technologies are necessary in this process?

9.    Overcoming noise (signal-to-noice ratio)
Noise is another “problem” (challenge) today when it comes to grabbing and holding on to the audience’ attention. How can this be overcome so that great rather than shallow stories can be told?

10.    Crowdsourced storytelling
Are there innovative technical solution for crowdsourced storytelling? How can this topic be explored?

11.    Eyewitness storytelling
How can eyewitness storytelling be developed in a high-tech future?

12.    Machine translation (language)
In our globalized world, machine translation of languages will become even more important in the future. How can this field be developed?

13.    Point of View ”filters” (ex. Swedish PoV)
What are some ways to filter information in order to get a point of view? Or the opposite - how can we overcome this filtering problem?

14.    Machine learning storytelling
How can machine learning be used/integrated in storytelling in a high-tech future?

15.    Future of audio storytelling
In what ways can audio storytelling be developed in the future?

16.    Social media storytelling
What social media channels are best suited for storytelling? How do channels differ, and how can they be developed in a high-tech future to enhance storytelling?

17.    Virtual Reality storytelling
What opportunities do virtual reality bring to storytelling, and how can this field be developed?

18.    Storytelling through computer games
How can we tell stories through computer games? How can computer games be developed to tell better stories/better tell stories?

19.    Learning from storytelling in fairy tales
What can be learned from storytelling in fairy tales and how can it be used to capture the audience’ attention and imagination in a high-tech future?

20.    Learning from storytelling in fake viral stories (Jack Werner)
What can be learned from the storytelling in fake viral stories, and how can we used this knowledge to create better (true) stories in a high-tech future?

21.    Learning from storytelling around the bonfire
The template for “traditional storytelling” is the image of a group of people sitting around a bonfire. What can we learn from this tradition, and how can this knowledge be used in a high-tech future?

22.    Our human senses and storytelling
How can we use different features involving our five senses when telling stories? What are the opportunities for relying on more than sight (and sound) in a high-tech future?

23. Storytelling using wearables
Apple watch is an example of a wearable in today’s society. What will wearables look like in a high-tech future, and how will they enhance storytelling? 

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