Friday, September 25, 2015

Lecture 13 - Mon Sept 28 (10-12) - Engström

Time & Place: Monday September 28 at 10-12 in V22. DO NOTE that we have tried to upgrade to a larger lecture hall but have failed to find one. Be on time and try to bring a chair if you are late!

GuestBjörn Engström, copywriter at Forsman & Bodenfors 

Title: Corporate storytelling/advertising as storytelling – the case Volvo Trucks 

Talk: Björn will talk about the strategy behind Epic Split and Volvo Trucks Live Test Series. This will include how journalistic methods were used as well as the close cooperation with Volvo engineers. Björn will also talk about how Forsman & Bodenfors work creatively as well as give examples of how Forsman & Bodenfors work with storytelling for different brands in the new media landscape. Much is about creating content that can engage or to invent products or benefits that are suitable for communication - a mix of journalism, entertainment, PR and digital engineering. 

About: Björn started out as a journalist but soon changed to copywriting. In 1988 Björn Engström joined Forsman & Bodenfors as a partner. In 2014, Forsman & Bodenfors became the most awarded agency in the world according to the Gunn Report.

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