Monday, September 14, 2015

Lecture 8 - Thu Sept 17 (15-17) Hayen

Time & Place: Wednesday September 16 at 8-10 in B3.

GuestMats Hayen 

Title: Historical storytelling – how to make history come alive  


Mats is a historian and archivist at the Stockholm City Archives. He has authored several books on history; "Främlingar i vardagen" (Strangers in everyday life), "Släktforska i Stockholm" (Genealogical Research in Stockholm), "Stadens puls" (City Beat), "Ett sekel i självstyrelsens tjänst" (A century of self-government service) and others. Mats is a university teacher at Stockholm University. He has participated as a researcher and expert in 15 episodes of the SVT program "Vem tror du att du är" (Who Do You Think You Are), on several occasions in the radio shows "Veckans brott" (This week's crime). Mats has had several high-profile collaborations with Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladets' reporter Johan Lindberg (My Stockholm blog, podcast, and a historic live blog from Sarajevo and Stockholm, 28 June 1914). He was the project manager for the Municipality of Stockholm's 150th anniversary in 2013. Mats currently works with History Marketing in the City of Stockholm.


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