Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Some clarifications regarding the workshop week

Here are some clarifications regarding this week with Robb Montgomery, just in case you have questions.

·       We expect you to work in your project groups outside of the lectures with Robb, in order to finish your workshop tasks. Make sure you spend your valuable time wisely.

·       On Friday, you will finish this week’s tasks, and present them (pitch them) to Anna Careborg and to Robb.

·       On Friday, we expect you to present a sketch of your idea/app/solution, not the finished product or solution. We do not expect you to be finished with the whole project on Friday, but to have an idea regarding your project, while using the tools you have been introduced to during this week.

·       Last week, you were given a story, a technology and a group of student colleagues. Use these assets to answer this question: How can we tell this story in the mobile phone (in the future), using this particular technology?

·       Show us a mobile version of a sketch that explains your solution!

·       This week, the focus is on the mobile, and later on in your projects you can use other tools.

·       This week is valuable for KTH students and JMK students alike, since you will learn how to use the mobile for different purposes. This will definitively come in handy later on in the project.

·       Try to be open – at this stage of the course/project there are endless possibilities!

·       On Friday, you will receive feedback from Anna and Robb. This feedback will be useful when continuing with your different projects during the remainder of this course. Take advantage of this feedback!


  1. Ok, I am sorry to say this and I know that this isn't your problem and so on but this is completely impossible for a lot of KTH students. Some students are taking three courses at the same time, completely normal for KTH. But in two of three courses we have compulsory lectures and this course (FoM) is scheduled over the whole week plus thursday night. In 7 days from now I have 5 deadlines so it will be completely impossible to spend time on this outside the scheduled lectures. I am sorry but this is the scenario for some of the KTH students...

  2. Hi, I think that the expectations for this week's work are a bit extreme. I would not mind attending the compulsory lectures (every day of the week) and working on a project outside of these hours with a deadline on friday, if this was my only course. However, I have two other courses running in parallel with compulsory lectures, assignments, project work and seminars. This is also the case for several of my group members, which makes spending time on group-work outside of the scheduled hours completely impossible.

  3. Can not agree more with previous comments. This was not scheduled (exact time) until last Friday and I am sorry but I can not book a whole week where I only know I have a lecture in the morning OR the afternoon. Also since this was not planned in the schedule the other courses I am taking could not take this into account. The workshops also feels a bit useless being an android user...

  4. I agree with both above me. Is this a realistic work load for one week? This would be ok if it was the only course we had, but not as it is now when some of us have 2 additional courses (which you should be aware of) at the same time
    //stressed out

  5. Heya, I absolutely agree with the above comments, this week is a complete nightmare in terms of planning and getting any meaningful work done what so ever.

    This is especially sad, since I was previously looking forward to this week. I thought that we were supposed to work on this project during dedicated workshops, and use the competency on site to improve that very project.

    The participants in my group are having a hard time finding any gaps in our individual calenders when everyone can work together, and it is not for a lack of trying.

    I don't mind these lectures (workshops?) being compulsory per say, as I quite enjoy them, however the workload should definitely have been distributed over a couple of weeks at least. Especially since there will be feedback from people who could really deliver a lot of good thoughts.

  6. Agree with the above as well. These workshops are more like walkthroughs of apps that could as well be done in one hour instead of three. The full week structure would have been fine if we had a one hour lecture each day followed by two hours of actual workshop where we could work on our projects.

  7. Furthermore, I highly doubt that any group will have much use of this week's project in the continuation of the course since we are to design something which SVD could potentially have use of today - and not necessarily in the future (which is to be expected from the project course).

  8. Hi, everyone who commented above,
    First of all: Yes, I understand that you are stressed. Second: This is not something that you need to stress out about. You will do just fine!
    Today, Matilda, Robb and I tried to clarify even more in class what is expected of you in terms of the Friday presentation. Those of you who attended either the morning or the afternoon session should hopefully feel a little calmer by now.
    --- Remember a few weeks back when we had the seminar about possible project ideas, and we handed out examples of stories to go with the ideas? This is exactly the same thing, only that you will show your great idea NOT on an overhead projector slide, but in a 3-minute mobile movie, using some of the tools that Robb has showed you. We want your ideas, not the finished product at this stage. And if this still feels overwhelmning, take a small part of your great idea and show us. Show us what you plan to do, or can be done within this area!
    The ability to present your idea in a few minutes and get feedback is vital when you work in the industry, and this is going to be very useful to everyone taking the course.
    You will have time to work on these idea-movies during the workshop with Robb today and tomorrow, as well as during the mini-hackathon tomorrow night. You might also finish it up in breaks, lunches et cetera. Use the time wisely, and you will do just fine. No need to worry!